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Oct 2, 2018

Kicking off the 1st we return to 23rd Avenue Bottleshop to chat with 10 Barrel Brewing's award winning Head Brewer, Whitney Burnside, whose instincts for beer came natural to her very early on. With hand picked Belgian beers and great stories to share with her fellow crewmen, Kevin Candelaria, Jared Maroni, and Gabe Lazard bringing up the rear with some knowledge bombs about the Cicerone program, some cocktail fun, and recent GABF wins! Bronwyn has to work, John almost misses the show too, Megan joins us to talk shop and food pairing with Whitney, Clay falls in love with the yeast profile in Orval, Ryan thinks he's Jack Sparrow, and Damian nerds out with Whitney about Belgians. 10 Barrel packs in and packs out with some MFS on this episode of Brew Happy!