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Mar 5, 2019

Back at Breakside Brewing's Slabtown location with Head Brewer/Owner Ben Edmunds from Breakside Brewing to discuss their distribution with Delta Pacific in Cali, and their 9 medals won at Oregon Brewer Awards. Ben tells you how to compete and how to stay relevant. Plus we speak with bonus guests, Ezra from talks about the changing market trends and how beers are judged, Portland's favortie Kiwi, John Lovegrove shares his lates beer odessey, and Clay Staley throws down the gauntlet with another Staley Stance. Damian adores some dark lagers, Bronwyn is out sick, John Paul is happy with hops, and Ryan admires Ezra's nachos. Yeast strains of success, style guidelines, and other secrets to winning on this episode of Brew Happy!