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Apr 2, 2019

We kick off April in Vancouver, on the ExoBus touring Washington has to offer, from Final Draft to Grains of Wrath, joining us is Mike Bolt from Final Draft Taphouse, Michael Perozzo from Zzoom Media, Ben Davenport from Thirsty Sasquatch, Michael Hunsaker from Grains of Wrath, and driven by Ben Luca from ExoBus. We travel from Final Draft to Grains of Wrath on this intoxicating adventure of delicious delights. Learn about these fantastic folks and what their businesses are bringing ot the table. Damian learns about Bavarian mis-marketing, John gets reacquainted with some of his favorite IPAs, Bronwyn posts up behind the camera for our upcoming video, and Ryan gets to ride on his friend's new bus. Scenic beer tours, poutine, and Washington beer on this episode of Brew Happy!