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Apr 30, 2019

Tank fabricators are essential to a growing industry, but not many have their own experimental brewhouse. Labrewatory is the playground that showcases what brewers can do when they buy from Portland Kettle Works. Owner, Thad Fisco met a need almost ten years ago and still loves making new systems and learning more way to innovate new designs. Head Brewer, Dr. Nick Herrera may be the new guy, but he is bringing keen insight and experience to the table, with his balanced Belgian styles and love of IPAs, he's pretty sure there is still room for more variety. Ryan apparently loved the new Avengers movie, John swipes right to smash an IPA, Bronwyn drops the Burnside bomb about the Mikkeler move, and Damian brings a treat from Grains of Wrath that he bought during Nano Fest. Custom made tanks, experimental ideas, and well defined beers, on this episode of Brew Happy!