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May 7, 2019

McMenamins Mondays are back! Ringlers Annex Bar is one of our favorite spots, Jose is one of our favorite bartenders, and Warren Wills is one of our favorite guests, and he's back to give us another "Warren Report". He's got updates for us about Mad Cow Brewing, Leikam Brewing, Dirty Pretty Brewing, Back Pedal Brewing, Culmination Brewing, and Upper Lip and Tin Bucket Taproom have a joint anniversary. We also get to enjoy McMenamins Berlinerweisses traditionally presented by Jose with fruit flavors "a la carte". Ryan is interested in an evening milking, John brings a cigar/eggroll hybrid, and Damian answers a question from our audience. Brew News, ambulance drive-bys, a good fortune surprise, and special sauce on this episode of Brew Happy!