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Dec 8, 2015

This week's featured brew guest is … missing! Jeremy Frey, known for his savvy when approached about beer, was supposed to be our guest this week. But, is reputed to be slinging sandbags to help preserve his work place, beloved F.H. Steinbart's during a common Portland flood. One of Portland's best resources for the home brewer and our country's oldest. So this week Amanda struggles with the news and dating, as Damian struggles with new additions to the soundboard and Irish accents. Meanwhile our Production Asst, Ryan Fitzgerald gets to chat us up about current events including John and Amanda's Holiday Ale Fest experience and Damian shares a tasty holiday surprise from McMenanmin's. This week's music pick: an Ben Rice and the Ben Rice Trio. So listen up all you beer fans, barrels are a brewing in this episode you won't want to miss!Good people, and good music a brewing on the each episode of Brew Happy!