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Jan 19, 2016

This week we have a jam packed episode! Returning, we have Nikki Ganong, writer of the Field Guide to Drinking in America back on the show, and guess who she bumped into during a surprise Meet The Brewer night at Green Dragon? One of Colorado's best, from Trinity Brewing we have Jason Yester! Plus John Paul brings us a surprise 2015 Abyss tasting from his secret stash of horded beer goods. Lots of discussion on some beer specifics from Trinity and Niki and Jason hash out some of the pitfalls of alcohol laws from state to state and how they affect the ability to bring you good beer! Music pick for this week is called 'A Midget Stole My Motor Scooter' in honor of Kyle Scott former member of local bandmolly BANG!Good people, and music a brewing on the each episode of Brew Happy!