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Jan 26, 2016

This week we have first time guest Abram Goldman-Armstrong from a local rising cidery, Cider Riot!. Long time local, and friend to the brewing industry, he's a Timbers Army poster boy, and Widmer tour guide, you've probably seen Abram at festivals and event all over town. He is very informative on many things cider, historical, home brew, and punk. We learn why 2 liters are best for the rebellious cider lover and some local hi-jinks will be afoot, and Damian is going to MC the Stout Bout! So much cider this week, so for you cider lover out there, don't miss out. This week's music pick was suggested by our guest: Skimmity HitchersGood people, and punk rock a brewing on the this episode of Brew Happy!