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The Brew Happy Show

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Sep 11, 2018

The Brew Happy Crew takes you across the Columbia River to Washington at Ben's Bottleshop to throw back brews with a full panel of Brewer/Owners to talk about about farmhouse ales, wild yeast, and family brewing; including Justin and Jocelyn Leigh from Dwinell Country Ales, and returning guests Alex Ganum from Upright Brewing, and Charles Porter from Little Beast Brewing. Ashley Jhaveri from Zzoom Media joins us for North Bank Beer Week and Brewing Bridges Collab. John Paul is so excited he forgets his cigar pairing, Ryan runs off to gets a mic cord, Damian geeks out on a Belgian-style Coffee Porter, Bronwyn misses out. Some wild and amazing beers from a table full of talented brewers on this episode of Brew Happy!