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Jun 11, 2019

Imperial Yeast's Casey Helwig is back to propagate more brew news during Portland Beer Week, and we have some great new breweries to check out. We get to meet Matt White from Beachcrest Brewing out on the coast, and Nate Ross from Bevel Brewing out of Bend. Theses fledgling brands are turning some heads in their local markets, and they are here to tell you theiur story. Warren Wills joins us to share his Portland Beer Week experience, plus Nicole from Tasting Nitch drops in on us as well. Ryan gets so excited his voice cracks, Damian gets to learn about future roadtrips, John hears the soothing sounds of IPAs. Lagers, Farmhouse beers, Belgians, more upcoming events for Beer Week, and yeast naming ceremonies, on this episode of Brew Happy!