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Jul 23, 2019

Art Larrance is one of the seven founding fathers of the Oregon craft beer industry. He's helped the brewpub law get passed, found Portland Brewing, the Oregon Brewers Festival (OFB), Cascade Brewing and the sour beer movement, as well as introducing the NW Sour Ale. Today we hear about the history of the man himself, his journeys accross the globe, his tribulation through untried waters against all odds, and rise of one of the most complex and misunderstood styles of beer. Last week we brought you to the House of Sour. This week, travel West to a place where it all began, The Lodge at Cascade Brewing. John is back to tell his tales from Bend and Eugene, Ryan gets excited about OBF, Bronwyn gets planty with our guest, and Damian gose Primordial. Proving that time and experience, is a key ingredient of the best sours this side of the Willamette River, on this episode of Brew Happy!