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Nov 12, 2019

With so many breweries closing, many even that are neighborhood institutions, or even more widely known brands, it's hard not to take notice. On the doorstep of the anniversary The Commons sold their last pint, we discuss Modern Times new expamnsion, but it come as little consolation as we discover the buy out of the Craft Brew Alliance by foreign owned AB InBev in the wake of mixed emotions in our little community. Join us as we share some immeadiate reactions, and celebrate our fallen commrades, and the ones still serving up pints, and the Green Dragon Brew crew's 10th anniversary. John is in Texas brewing up some fun, Damian ponders the impact on small independant breweries, Ryan is impressed by the new seasonals, and Bronwyn has more to say on Pumpkin beers. An emotional rollercoaster of bad new and good brews, and Macho Man Randy Savage on this episode of Brew Happy!