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Jul 27, 2023

The new Gigantic Brewing pub on SE Hawthorne is a pretty big deal. Especially since the Unipiper's Hazy IPA is back, and he's here to tell you beer fans all about Weird Portland United. Ryan has dad talk with the guest, Damian creates a constellation, and John loves talking about AI. Supporting weirdos, sci-fi, and...

Jul 21, 2023

Sweet times at Final Draft Taphouse with The Barreled Bee owner and distiller, Lee Hedgmon. Listen as she enlightens us on bees, Mead, BBQ sauce, and trademarks. Ryan regulates the Anchor Brewing plight, Damian expands his bee knowledge, Bronwyn has some sauce, and John educates us on armagnac. Lots of connections,...

Jul 13, 2023

Vancouver is growing, and downtown has just a Little Vice to share with thirsty consumers in this bustling part of town. Nostalgic rays of color burst with flavor from the coolest new taproom on the corner, with Michael Perozzo leading the way. Ryan reminisces on rewinds, Damian brings his Mom to try a lime...

Jul 9, 2023

Filling up at Chill n Fill as we prepare for more Summer fun. There are new vents, beers and locations to discover together. Ryan advocates for McMenamins, John talks bitter beers and spirits, and Damian is excited for the new Double Mountain Taproom. Celebrating the wonderful Portland weather, our favorite taprooms,...

Jul 3, 2023

Recording from the Green Room and JPR Studios the crew gets to reconnect, and share stories of their latest adventures. Bronwyn boasts about her bountiful business, John speculates on a new beer, Ryan gets to hear about Cider Summit, Damian has a heartfelt dedication. Beer, Cider, and Spirits on this episode of Brew Happy!