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Mar 6, 2018

This week McMenamins Monday this month kicks off as the Edgfield's sprawling location invites the crew to hang with talented brewers Will Gather, Matt Bergfield, Dave Kosanke, and Shane Kono in the brewery, and discuss the some barrel aged beers for next year, us other goodies. Matt and the boys enlighten us on the collective efforts of McMenamins brewers as well as unique seasonals, one-offs with a cult following, and the advantages of having on-site bakery, winery, and distillery. Also, Clay joins the Brew News segment with another “Staley Stance”. Damian struggles to remember the Lompoc Blackout Stout fest, Bronwyn gets recovers from SheBrew with a key beer, Ryan wants to do a banana kolsch, and John comments on the Oregon Beer Awards. A brewery chock full of good friends and great beers on this episode of Brew Happy!